About Us

Nature Lovers Club (NCL) is a Kolkata based Nature and Wildlife Photography organization.

Our aim is to provide :

  • A platform to the photographers to share images, ideas and information.
  • Spread awareness of nature and wildlife among the masses and to take active participation in conservation of nature and wildlife.

We started our journey five years back and gained immense popularity over the period not only in India but also globally, our member strength proves this point.

We love nature that’s the reason we shoot nature.

We dream of the better world and better environment, we believe that’s not possible without protecting our mother nature.

To spread awareness and for conservation of nature we regularly do :

  • Awareness campaigns in schools.
  • Cleaning and awareness camps in hilly areas.
  • Funding the youth who are working hard for conservation.

Nature Lovers Club (NLC) Facebook group is real happening;

Each day thousands of images are being posted by photographers around the globe. We get to see images of renowned photographers, amateurs and budding photographers everyday and certainly get enriched.

We host weekly and monthly competitions and started organizing MEGA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION & COMPETITION from the year 2018 to felicitate the excellent photographic work and conservation effort.