Plastic pollution

Agniswar Ghosal

Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles in Earth’s environment that adversely affected wildlife, wildlife habitats and humans too. In the name of development we have forgotten our root of existence and never showed enough humanity in return towards Nature. We directly or indirectly destroying habitats of the community that need a helping hand in order to keep the Green play of our motherland. These used plastics can afflict land, waterways, and oceans. Plastic pollution has the potential to poison animals. It has been described as being highly detrimental to large marine mammals. Some marine species, such as sea turtles have found to contain a large proportion of plastic in their stomachs. Entanglement is plastic debris that has been responsible for the death of many marine organisms like fishes, seals, turtles, etc. Birds also come under the threat of plastic
Dead chicks with stomachs full of plastic, entangled and smothered by plastic rings and nets are all too real consequences of the toll that plastic takes on birds and other wildlife. Sometimes layers of plastics lead to many cases of entanglement and trapping. New research has revealed some flying insects escape microplastics from polluted water, birds and other creatures that eat insects can be affected indirectly.

Cheap capable of being made into any conceivable shape, strong and durable, plastics is something of a wonder material. However, the victim of this success appears to be much of life on earth and humans one day could find themselves among them.

We still can make our planet healthy and ecofriendly by limit our plastic usage and replace them with other eco-friendly alternatives. We can also clean up our mess by Conducting some cleanup activities mainly beachside or river bed area. Let’s come together and make our planet Greener and Cleaner.